Whole Outfit for Under $40.00!

fit food fashionThis week I went into H&M and set a budget of $50 to spend on an outfit! I could not believe all of the low priced options I found. I even was able to get a cute pair of flats too!

Necklace: $9.95

Top: $4.95

Shorts: $10.00

Shoes: $14.95

Grand Total:


If you haven’t been to H&M lately, definitely check it out for some cute summer wardrobe pieces!


15 thoughts on “Whole Outfit for Under $40.00!

  1. Love, love, love the necklace! H&M is good for cute, inexpensive pieces but they can get pricey sometimes. Another good place for inexpensive accessories (if you don’t want to always buy the real stuff) is Forever21, my go-to place. Always more bang for your buck!

    • Yea maybe I will hit up forever 21 for my next post on outfits under…. I love trying to build outfits under a certain price cap! It can be such a challenge but love seeing what I can get when I am only willing to spend so much!

      • Yeah it’s awesome getting a great outfit without spending an arm and a leg. That’s me all the time when I go out and shop on a regular. Only time I shell out the cash is for shoes, bags or if I’m going someplace fancy lol

  2. Love it! I was telling myself I’d swing by Whole Foods today for a few things, but fully admit that I really just want to go to the H&M that’s in the same shopping center and justify the trip with a few grocery items…

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  4. I love the idea of going shopping for an entire outfit on a budget! I recently did that as well, although I’ve yet to post anything. But out of all of the stores I looked in, H&M definitely had the best deals! Love the outfit!

  5. Wow pretty and affordable! Thanks for liking my post. Feel free to join my current giveaway there 🙂

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