Chocolate Tour Of New York City

This past weekend Jon and I took the Chocolate Tour of New York. We met our tour guide Alex at Chelsea Market. This was the meet up spot for the group and it is also the old Nabisco factory, where they created the Oreo cookie!

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We started our walk and headed over to Li-Lac Chocolates (40 8th Ave at Jane St). It is a cute little shop with some really cool Chocolate NYC souvenirs. Who wouldn’t love a chocolate empire state building! Here we tried a piece of dark chocolate and also a hard toffee. The toffee was one of my favorites of the day!

fit food fashionfit food fashionThe second stop on the list was The Chocolate Bar (19 8th Ave between Jane St and West 12th).  Here we tried the salted chocolate. It was my least favorite, very salty but some people loved it. They have a large assortment of signature chocolate bars!

fit food fashionFrom there we headed over to Magnolia Bakery (401 Bleeker St. at the corner of West 11th). This would be the cupcake shop that was made famous by Sex and the City characters Carrie and Miranda eating the cupcakes in front of the shop in the episode “No If’s ands or Butts”. We have a very decadent double chocolate cupcake. Very good and very rich! I think this was my favorite stop on the tour!

fit food fashionfit food fashionfit food fashionfit food fashionAlong the way we saw many sites in the neighborhood. One was a recognizable building to this Friends fan! This is the building where the Friends lived for the duration of the series. You can find this site at the corner of Grove and Bedford in Greenwich Village.

fit food fashionWe stopped next at Milk and Cookies Bakery (19 Commerce St.). Here they have a variety of yummy cookies all served warm. They even deliver warm cookies to your door anywhere in Manhattan. We tried the Double Chocolate Cookie. It was awesome! I could not believe all the different cookies they have even a candied bacon chocolate chunk one called Bacon Smack! This is definitely a place I recommend!

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If you love macaroons you visit Bisousciao (235 Bleeker St between Carmine and Leroy). I wish I had been able to really enjoy this one but I was starting to regret eating all of this chocolate on an empty stomach. They have a lot of flavors of macaroons to chose from. I would love to return when I am not stuffed with sugar!

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I think maybe the next place was my favorite or have I said that once already. Pasticceria Bruno Bakery (506 La Guardia Place) is a family owned establishment with a famous cannoli. The best cannoli I have ever had so good that they beat out Bobby Flay in a cannoli throw down!

fit food fashionfit food fashionThe 7th stop was Xocolatti (172 Prince St). This one was also yet again a favorite of mine! The sample was white chocolate mango paprika. I am a huge white chocolate fan so this was amazing to me. They have unique flavor combinations and a very unique store with a wall made out of chocolate boxes!

fit food fashionLast but certainly not least was a stop at Vosges (132 Spring St). I had already had their bacon chocolate before and I admit it is something that is an acquired taste. First bite I thought well this is interesting but the second I started to enjoy it and by the end I knew it was something I would have again! You have to try it! They have a great website that you can order from and more than one location.

fit food fashionfit food fashionfit food fashionOne of the best parts of the Chocolate Tour of NYC was our very entertaining tour guide Alex. He taught us so much about the city that we did not know. He has a great knowledge of NYC and is hilarious. If you plan to go on the tour I hope you get Alex as your guide. He made the tour awesome! Thanks Alex!

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  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…you should also try the macaron parlor on st marks. they have bacon chocolate ones and creme brulee ones and tiramisu ones oh my!

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