New York City Cupcake Tour

Cupcake Tour NYC

This past weekend we headed on a walking cupcake tour. We decided to brave the heat wave temperatures for the love of cupcakes. I received a voucher for this tour from my family for my birthday and it was a great gift. Who doesn’t love cupcakes. We headed out to Union Square to meet our tour guide Mallory. She was quite knowledgeable and a really good photo bomber!

Cupcake Tour NYCCupcake Tour NYCIf the look on Jon’s face says anything, it was HOT. The first stop on the list was Baked by Melissa. The home of the mini cupcake. The flavor of the season is Watermelon, that was the sample we were given.

Baked by Melissa Cupcake Tour NYCBaked by Melissa Cupcake Tour NYCFrom there we headed over to Amorino. It is actually a gelato place. No cupcakes but we were told it was a must have. We were given the Mango Sample. It was yummy.

Amorino Gelato NYCNext on the list was Crumbs. We have had Crumbs a million times. They are amazing is all I can say about that.

Crumbs Cupcake Tour NYCCrumbs NYCExcuse my expression but I had to post this. Here is Mallory’s Photo bomb. The Crumbs cupcake was good.

We moved on to my favorite of the day Mollys Cupcakes. Be warned I took a lot of photos at Mollys. They had some cute signs in the store and they were also the winners of season 1 of Cupcake Wars.

Mollys Cupcakes Cupcake Tour NYCCupcake Tour NYCMollys Cupcakes NYC Cupcake TourMollys Cupcakes NYC Cupcake TourMollys Cupcakes Cupcake Tour NYCImage

Mallory’s next attempt at the photo bomb!

We also stopped for Macarons at Bisous Ciao. This is our second time to Bisous Ciao. We visited here the first time in the Chocolate Tour. Amazing Macarons not to be confused with Macaroons. (bing or google this) there is a difference! I love these things!

Bisous Ciao Cupcake Tours NYCBisous Ciao Cupcake Tours NYCThe final stop was the one and only Magnolia Bakery. I do not have a picture of this cupcake because we took a red velvet to go. It was way to hot to stay and eat it on the street corner!

Magnolia NYC Cupcake Tour NYCAll in all a good day. I did miss our tour guide Alex from the chocolate tour! Here is the link to my post on The Chocolate Tour. This guy knew so much about NYC it was amazing!

If you have a chance do the Chocolate Tour and ask for Alex! Also check out the cupcake tour it was quite yummy.

7 thoughts on “New York City Cupcake Tour

  1. I had the chance to stop in at Crumbs one time last year, how could one cupcake be as amazing as it was. My goal was to make it to Sweet Revenge, but never managed to get over to that part of town. Looks like you guys had a pretty fun and sweet outing!

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