Fitness Pins of the Week

Hello Readers! I hope everyone is having an amazing week. It is that time again, time for my favorite fitness pins to inspire and motivate you in your fitness goals. I have not needed that much help with that lately. I think the fact that the days I do not go to the gym give me horrible back aches is motivation enough for me. Thank you third trimester of pregnancy for keeping me in the gym! For the rest of you that need a little boost, I have been searching Pinterest for some new workouts and inspiration for you guys. Let’s take a look at the awesome fitness pins that I found this week:


Simple breakfastsFitnessFitness Fitness

Lucy Endurance Running Capris

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Reshape your Body in 6 Weeks

2 thoughts on “Fitness Pins of the Week

  1. Oatmeal with bananas and nuts is a perfect snack or meal. I tend to eat it for dinner instead of breakfast. Ha! I completely agree with the quote that the stronger you are, the better you feel. I just started doing Flywheel classes again after taking a break and I couldn’t believe how weak I was and it made me sad….after taking a class every day for a week I’ve noticed how much stronger I’ve gotten and it makes me feel even better!

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