Shula’s Steakhouse NYC

NYC Restaurant Week has come and gone. We were able to get out for three date nights during Restaurant Week. The last restaurant that we visited was Shula’s Steakhouse. I was surprised to see that Shula’s was a hotel restaurant inside of the Westin Hotel NYC. There is no where better to be for steaks than in New York City. The restaurant week menu at Shula’s had steak, chicken and fish as options but we obviously went there for steak. The atmosphere was a lot nicer than your average hotel restaurant. It has an old school NYC Steakhouse feel to it and was dimly lit making it romantic. There were some football photographs around Shula’s, if you did not know Shula’s is a chain of steakhouses owned by Hall of Fame Football Coach Don Shula.

Shula's Steakhouse NYC

We were seated as soon as we had entered the restaurant and the hostess was friendly and welcoming. Our waiter was over in a few minutes and took our drink orders and brought us some warm bread with in a few minutes of us being there. I was a huge fan of their sour dough bread and who doesn’t love warm bread. We had two options for appetizers. I went with the Caesar Salad with sour dough croutons and Jon had the Sea Scallops with pineapple mango salsa. They were both really yummy. The portion on the scallops was small, Jon was served one scallop but it was delicious. My caesar salad was your standard caesar salad not the best I have had but I ate every bite, which means it could not be bad right?

Shula's Steakhouse NYC

Shula's Steakhouse NYC

As I had mentioned previously there was three options for entrees but I could never go to a steakhouse and not order steak especially in New York City. We both ordered the New York Strip, with beranaise sauce, potatoes au gratin and green beans. Jon upgraded his steak size to the 16 oz but I was quite happy with 8 ozs of steak! When the steak came to the table they asked us to cut it in the middle and make sure that it was cooked to our liking before the waiter left. We both ordered medium rare and the steaks were cooked perfectly. Jon is not a cheesey potato fan so he did not enjoy the potatoes au gratin but I loved them and the green beans were just plain green beans. Not to much I can say about the green beans. My steak though was amazingly seasoned and did not disappoint this meat lover.

Shula's NYC

Being restaurant week there was obviously dessert. I was stuffed and Jon having eaten all 16 oz of steak was beyond full but we ate dessert anyways! Jon ordered the cheesecake and I had the carrot cake. I had a bite of the cheesecake and was incredible but when is cheesecake bad? My carrot cake was sooooo good and it was in a rum sauce that was a sumptuous addition to the carrot cake. It had a melted vanilla ice cream kind of quality to it and I loved it!

Shula's Steakhouse NYCShula's Steakhouse NYC

This being one of our last date night’s before the baby come, I am happy that we spent it at Shula’s. Right now we have 2 weekends left till baby. That means I have 2 weekends to get out there and have some romantic adult time with my husband before we are prisoners in our NYC 1 bedroom apartment! If you are thinking about visiting Shula’s Steakhouse I would totally recommend it and would return. The service and the food were both top-notch in my books! Now where are we going to go this weekend??

Shula’s Steakhouse

270 W. 43rd St. New York, NY

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