73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker

Good Morning NYC Fit Food Fashion Readers! This video is one of my favorite things that came out this week. As you know I am a huge SJP fan and after meeting her a couple of weeks ago, I am a bigger fan than ever. The greatest things about this video is you can see how real and human this fashion goddess actually is. Also surprising how much random things you can learn about Sarah Jessica Parker in 5 minutes. A great plus in this video is that you get a glimpse into her New York City Brownstone. I don’t know about you I was shocked by how homey it seemed. I think I was expecting something more extravagant from the home of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. It seemed warm and welcoming just like the lady herself. Check out the video and try not to love her as much as I do!

73 Questions With Sarah Jessica Parker

Nanette Lepore Archive Sample Sale

Good Afternoon Fashion Lovers! I am happy yet sad to announce that there will be a Nanette Lepore Archive Sample Sale. I am happy because I love Nanette but sad because I will not be able to attend due to my very pregnant status at this moment!

Nanette Lepore Archive Sample Sale

I have been to 2 Nanette Lepore Sample Sales in the last year and believe me there is not much that would keep me away from getting my hands on some of her pieces. If you are in NYC March 18-20th, 2014 you have to stop by 225 W 35th St and check out all the goodies that Nanette has to offer. If you have not seen my previous posts on my experiences at a Nanette Lepore sale you can find those here:

If you are lucky enough to attend the sale please come on back here and let me know what you got! I am so sad to be missing this that I will have to live vicariously through the rest of you NYC Sample Sale loving gals. I can promise you that I will not miss the next one!

Shula’s Steakhouse NYC

NYC Restaurant Week has come and gone. We were able to get out for three date nights during Restaurant Week. The last restaurant that we visited was Shula’s Steakhouse. I was surprised to see that Shula’s was a hotel restaurant inside of the Westin Hotel NYC. There is no where better to be for steaks than in New York City. The restaurant week menu at Shula’s had steak, chicken and fish as options but we obviously went there for steak. The atmosphere was a lot nicer than your average hotel restaurant. It has an old school NYC Steakhouse feel to it and was dimly lit making it romantic. There were some football photographs around Shula’s, if you did not know Shula’s is a chain of steakhouses owned by Hall of Fame Football Coach Don Shula.

Shula's Steakhouse NYC

We were seated as soon as we had entered the restaurant and the hostess was friendly and welcoming. Our waiter was over in a few minutes and took our drink orders and brought us some warm bread with in a few minutes of us being there. I was a huge fan of their sour dough bread and who doesn’t love warm bread. We had two options for appetizers. I went with the Caesar Salad with sour dough croutons and Jon had the Sea Scallops with pineapple mango salsa. They were both really yummy. The portion on the scallops was small, Jon was served one scallop but it was delicious. My caesar salad was your standard caesar salad not the best I have had but I ate every bite, which means it could not be bad right?

Shula's Steakhouse NYC

Shula's Steakhouse NYC

As I had mentioned previously there was three options for entrees but I could never go to a steakhouse and not order steak especially in New York City. We both ordered the New York Strip, with beranaise sauce, potatoes au gratin and green beans. Jon upgraded his steak size to the 16 oz but I was quite happy with 8 ozs of steak! When the steak came to the table they asked us to cut it in the middle and make sure that it was cooked to our liking before the waiter left. We both ordered medium rare and the steaks were cooked perfectly. Jon is not a cheesey potato fan so he did not enjoy the potatoes au gratin but I loved them and the green beans were just plain green beans. Not to much I can say about the green beans. My steak though was amazingly seasoned and did not disappoint this meat lover.

Shula's NYC

Being restaurant week there was obviously dessert. I was stuffed and Jon having eaten all 16 oz of steak was beyond full but we ate dessert anyways! Jon ordered the cheesecake and I had the carrot cake. I had a bite of the cheesecake and was incredible but when is cheesecake bad? My carrot cake was sooooo good and it was in a rum sauce that was a sumptuous addition to the carrot cake. It had a melted vanilla ice cream kind of quality to it and I loved it!

Shula's Steakhouse NYCShula's Steakhouse NYC

This being one of our last date night’s before the baby come, I am happy that we spent it at Shula’s. Right now we have 2 weekends left till baby. That means I have 2 weekends to get out there and have some romantic adult time with my husband before we are prisoners in our NYC 1 bedroom apartment! If you are thinking about visiting Shula’s Steakhouse I would totally recommend it and would return. The service and the food were both top-notch in my books! Now where are we going to go this weekend??

Shula’s Steakhouse

270 W. 43rd St. New York, NY

March Madness

Hey guys! I had promised myself at New Year’s that I would start every month off with a note to you guys. Well when did March start? I feel like January was the slowest month I have ever experienced and February was over in the blink of an eye. Maybe it is because February is so short or that I am a few weeks away from the birth of my first little one. This is something I am extremely excited yet very nervous for! I think the best part will be finally finding out what we are having. Will this be a handsome little guy or a beautiful little gal? My odds are on a boy but as we all know intuition is not always correct!

If you have been following nycfitfoodfashion.com you may have noticed that I have been featuring a lot more guest features since New Years and this will continue. I think that it brings a little more to the page and not just one voice. I hope you agree! I will also be taking a break when the baby comes. Do not worry there will still be posts, I have a team of guest bloggers that will be posting work during the week of 2 that I will not be able to. I am hoping to have a great balance of fitness, food, recipes and fashion tips from some fantastic bloggers. I am still accepting submissions, if you are interested please send me an email at nycfitfoodfashion@gmail.com. I love to support other bloggers out there.

Lately I have been posting a lot of fashion posts. I go with what ever inspires me, right now that seems to be fashion. I will be working on getting back to a regular balance of all the things you love in fitness, food and fashion. There has been so many great things going on in fashion lately. How about those SJP Shoes?? I can not stop thinking about them!

As per usual I really love hearing from you guys and I am looking for feedback. What would you like to see from NYC Fit Food Fashion this month? Is there anything that pops out at you that you have been looking for us to cover? Please feel free to reach out and let’s talk!

As for what I do have planned for this month. Here are some topics:

  • spring fashions
  • perfect sandals
  • should you detox?
  • Clean Eating Recipes
  • baby style
  • and many many more!

This month is going to be a crazy one for me. With this being my first child I would love to here from any of you that have some advice. Especially for how things are going to go after we get home! I am really blessed that Jon will be home for the first month with me but other than that I am on my own here. Any tips would be greatly appreciated by this first time Mamma. I will be heading to the Dr today to see if the little one has decided to turn down. Have a great day everyone!

NYC Lifestyle Blog

City Lobster NYC


It is still Restaurant Week in NYC. This past week we had gone to City Lobster for our date night. We have been to City Lobster before with a Groupon and enjoyed our selves. I checked out the menu for Restaurant Week online and it looked pretty good. I made a reservation for Friday night. Upon arriving the place was disorganized chaos. The hostesses did not seem to have things under control. Even though we had a reservation we were told it would be at least another 15-20 minutes. Not something a 9 month pregnant lady wants to hear when she is already starving. Once they finally called us Jon asked the hostess if it was normally this busy to which she responded “Ugh, it’s Restaurant Week” while rolling her eyes. A great way to make us feel welcome?

Once we were seated we looked over the menu and waited for our server. The tables were so crammed together it was like we were eating with the people next to us and let’s just say they did not seem like happy people. Not that much fun for date night. When our waiter arrived Jon asked him if they had any nice virgin cocktails from the bar for me to which he just responded no. He told me soda or iced tea. It would have been nice if he could have checked with the bar to see if they could whip me up something. At this point I knew that this may not have been the best choice for our date night but was determined to have fun anyways.  We ordered our appetizers. Jon decided on the Chincoteague Bay Oysters and Crabmeat Rockefeller and I ordered the Newport Lobster Clam and Corn Chowder.


Jon’s appetizer may not have looked very appetizing but it was pretty good. My chowder was ok, it did not seem like it was made fresh and was not seasoned very well. It required a lot of salt and crackers. I looked over at some of the other tables and their apps looked pretty good, maybe I just made the wrong choice.

We had been having a lot of trouble deciding on entrees. After asking the server about the baked lobster we both ordered it. The server had told us that it was stuffed with crab and a hollandaise sauce. Well once it arrived it had a spoon full of crab mixed with sauce just thrown on top on the shell. Was not worth the supplement price for ordering that item. The rest of the lobster was yummy but when is lobster not. We enjoyed wearing our bibs and had a good time cracking all those shells!


Once we finished our lobsters we were eager for dessert and to make our way home. I was pretty full but who can say no to Manhattan Creme Brulee Cheesecake. Jon chose the Baked New York State Apple Crumble. My cheesecake was probably the best part of my meal. Once again Jon had dessert envy, this has happened the last couple of times we have gone out. He liked his apple crumble but not as much as my delicious cheesecake. After finishing our dessert we headed out. I wish I could say we had an amazing date night but if I had to do it over again we would have went with another restaurant. There is just so many places in NYC that there is no need to go somewhere that does not really appreciate your patronage. There are tons of places to eat lobster in the City! This week we will be eating at Shula’s Steakhouse. Watch out for the post on our date night next week!

Aureole Bar Room NYC

Aureole NYC

NYC Restaurant week is here and it is going on till March 7th. Since it is Restaurant Week and I am due in a month we decided to take advantage and reserve a few date nights. Our first NYC Restaurant Week date night outing was to Aureole-Bar Room. We have visited Aureole in the past for Valentine’s Day so we already knew that the food there is amazing.

We arrived for our reservation and we were seated right away. The service was friendly and they were quick to bring us out waters. They did not have any virgin cocktails on the menu. Jon asked about it for me and the bartender whipped me up a little something. I still do not know what it was but it was delicious!

Aureole NYC

We were brought some really yummy bread. I know bread is bread but this stuff was good so it is worth mentioning. For restaurant week they have a prix fixe menu with a few choices for appetizer, entrees and a dessert all for $38.00 per person. I chose the Cavatelli Pasta Amatriciana, the pasta was delicious and cooked al dente just the way I like it. Jon had the Fluke Tartare and it was soooo yummy. I have to admit I did have a few bites of it!

Aureole NYCAureole NYC

WOW is what I have to say about the entrees. I had the Chatham Cod with orzo, broccoli rabe with a lemon beurre blanc. If I could eat this fish all of the time I would. The crispy skin on the cod was incredible. I wish I could have had 2 servings it was so amazing! Jon had the Grilled Veal Chop with gigante white beans, leeks, English mustard jus. The veal was good but if you do go during Restaurant Week I can not say enough that you must have the Chatham Cod. Honestly it was one of the best fish entrees that I have ever taken a bite of!


At this point I was already pretty full but we still had dessert to get through and I am glad I had it. For dessert I got the Dulcey Pannacotta and Jon ordered the Warm Chocolate Brownie. They were both so decadent and well worth the extra calories. You can not go wrong with either. It is really a question of how much of a chocolate fan are you. Jon is more of a chocolate person than I am so he was drawn to the brownie right away. I was happy with my choice the Pannacotta is out of this world yummy.


Once again Aureole out did themselves. The service was great except at the tail end when we had to wait awhile for dessert. Other than that it all came out really quick. If you are in NYC during Restaurant Week or anytime this is a restaurant that you can not miss. We will definitely return again especially for the Cod. I cannot stop thinking about it!

Aureole NYC

135 W. 42nd St, New York, NY

Countdown to SJP Collection Launch

I do not know if I have ever been so excited for a shoe launch as I am for the SJP Collection launch at Nordstrom. Not only am I excited to go and see the collection up close and personal but I am very excited to get my hands on my own pair. I have been abstaining from shoe shopping just so I can splurge on a pair of these beauties! The prices range from $195.00-$500.00 and include handbags and a trench coat in the collection. So far my eye is on the Carrie Shoe. The Carrie shoe is gorgeous and a very classic style. If it lives up to my shoe fantasy in person then I will be rocking this style all over the city while I walk my baby in my stroller this spring hahaha.

SJP Collection Carrie Shoe

The SJP Collection launch is just not your average shoe launch. Nordstrom is launching this collection is a really fabulous way. There is no Nordstrom in NYC at the moment (I know crazy right?), there will be a SJP pop shop here in NYC to launch the line. The best part is that Sarah Jessica Parker herself will be appearing at the pop up shop to show off the line and help us ladies pick out the perfect shoe. There has been no times set up yet but for more information you can head over to the Nordstrom website.

SJP Collection

The SJP collection also has their own Instagram with photos that have been added by SJP herself. On the IG account she has shown off quite a few of the styles. I recommend following her on IG just to see the shoes and she has been counting down to the show launch with the rest of us! I will be updating you on the collection once it launches at the end of this week. If you can not be at one of the stores to see SJP, the line will be available online February 28th at midnight. What is your favorite shoe style from the SJP Collection?

NYC Restaurant Week Winter 2014

NYC Restaurant Week Winter 2014

Now that New York Fashion Week is over it is time for NYC Restaurant Week. I love restaurant week! It comes twice a year and fully enough it is on longer than a week. It is more like 3 weeks. but who would complain about that right?

We have been trying to save money for the baby by going out less. This Restaurant Week could not have come at a better time. We get a deal and we get to go out a few more times before the baby comes at the end of March. If you want to make reservation for NYC Restaurant Week I suggest making them ASAP. The really good places tend to fill up fast. I have been able to score 3 reservations so far. My choices this year will be Auerole Bar Room, City Lobster and Shula’s Steakhouse. We actually have been to Auerole before, for Valentine’s Day 4 years ago and it was absolutely amazing. Some of the best food I have ever had. I am really looking forward to returning. I will also be writing reviews to share with all of you guys!

If you want to find out more about NYC Restaurant Week click here:


Happy Valentine’s Day

NYC Lifestyle Blog

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope that you do not just celebrate your loved ones on just this day but use this day as a little reminder of why you love the person you are with or to show your friends and family how much you love them. Jon and I have always loved Valentine’s Day and this is the last one we will spend as a couple without children. Next year we will have a very special Valentine to spend the day with and I cannot wait to share this day with peanut. Have a great day and single, married or in a relationship take some time to appreciate the people you have in your life! How will you be celebrating today?

NYC Lifestyle Blog

New York City Fashion Week Fall 2014- February 13th

Good Morning! Here in NYC we have declared state of emergency but nothing stops Fashion Week! The shows may be running a bit behind and may not be full but they are still going on. I am watching from the warmth of my living room, thank god for the live stream. Yesterday was a fantastic day, my favorite show of the week is Nanette Lepore. The colors and prints were to die for. I know where I will be heading to get some of my fall fashion pieces for sure. On todays schedule I have already seen Ralph Lauren this morning and the winter whites were extraordinary. I am really looking forward to watching Calvin Klein later on today. If you would like to watch along with me online click here. Here is a look at today’s schedule:

  • 10am Ralph Lauren
  • 11am Hernan Lander
  • 11am Ralph Lauren
  • 1pm J Mendel
  • 2pm Calvin Klein
  • 5pm FTL Moda + Art Hearts Fashion Presented by AIDS Healthcare Foundation

That is the conclusion of Fall 2014 Fashion Week in NYC. What was your favorite show?

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