Workout Wednesday-Back, Biceps, and Glutes with Active Wear by Athleta

Good Morning Workout Lovers! It is Wednesday again and it is time for Workout Wednesday. I am in week 37 of pregnancy so my workout will still be a little tame. I will interested to see how these work outs will change once I have the baby and can get back into actual training. I can’t wait! Today I will be doing a short back, biceps and glutes workout. I will also be finishing it off with an incline walk on the treadmill. Here is a look at what I have planned for my workout today:

  • 3 sets of 15 reps
  • single arm dumbbell rows
  • deadlifts
  • standing bicep curls
  • hammer curls
  • plie squats
  • leg press
  • 30 min incline treadmill walk

With spring weather coming soon I have been obsessing over the awesome colors that Athleta has to offer in active wear this spring. If you have not had a chance to take a look you should head over to Athleta and check out what they have to offer. As a new Athleta shopper I just as pleased with the quality of the active wear as I am with the fashionable looks that they put out this season. I was even able to find some great pieces that I have been enjoying during my pregnancy. I do have a gift card that I am looking forward to using after this baby makes it appearance in a couple of weeks! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Athleta looks that are available right now:

Fast Track Half Zip AthletaThis is the Fast Track Half Zip, this awesome piece comes in 5 colors. It is a great layering base that is completely breathable. An option for all the unpredictable weather we have been having!

Bay Beach Capri From AthletaThe Bay Beach Capri comes in 3 colors, my favorite is this heather grey. This is a great item for the gym, walking on the beach or just lounging around. I love wearing ankle length capris in the spring weather.

Pacifica UPF Tank From AthletaThe Pacifica UPF Tank is available in 7 vibrant colors. This is a great under layer for runners or any other activity you want to do in this tank. I am tempted to add a couple of these tanks to my active wear collection.

Samsula High Top Shoes by Off The Beaten Track®I have been seeing high tops all over the place this year. These are the Samsula High Top Shoes by Off the Beaten Track. The high tops feature a hidden wedge in the base of the shoe to give a little lift to those of us that may need one. Another great feature is that they are leather with an edgy snake-skin like texture to them. definitely not your regular pair of high tops!

I hope I have given you some motivation to go workout today and also to go and check out Athleta and up your active wear wardrobe! I know I am so excited to buy some of these pieces, maybe I will get this whole outfit! What type of workout will you be doing today on Workout Wednesday? What is your favorite active wear brand?

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Workout Wednesday- Cardio and Shoulders plus Active Wear from Athleta

Good Afternoon Workout Lovers! It is workout Wednesday and I have already hit the gym today. For some motivation, if I can get out there at 36 weeks pregnant than so can you! Today I will be sharing the shoulder workout I did and some athletic wear from the awesome people over at Athleta. I am so obsessed with Athleta Active Wear right now and if you have not checked them out yet, you totally should. In my opinion they are way better than lululemon any day of the week. Let’s start with today’s workout:

  • 5 min cardio warm up
  • sets of 3×15
  • push ups (this was not an easy one for me!)
  • up right rows
  • military press
  • lateral raise
  • 30 minutes of cardio

Active wear from Athleta

Colorblock Chi Tank by Athleta

Colorblock Chi Tank

Bay Beach CapriBay Beach Capri

Ariel Tiki Bikini by AthletaAriel Tiki Bikini

Ariel Tiki Reversible Bottom by AthletaAriel Tiki Reversible Bottom

Kiki Swim Dress by AthletaKiki Swim Dress

Betty High Top Shoe by Sperry® Top-SidersBetty High Top Shoe by Sperry

What did you do for Workout Wednesday?

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Workout Wednesday and Active Wear from Lucy

Good Afternoon Readers! I hope you guys are having a great week so far. It is a dreary and rainy day here in NYC today. I can not wait for spring to arrive. With Spring in mind I love all of the great Spring colors out there especially in active wear. Even though the weather is dark we can brighten it up with some gorgeous colors that are available in our fitness fashions. This Workout Wednesday I will be featuring workout wear from Lucy.  I have not tried Lucy yet but after researching active wear brands through asking my followers on twitter, Lucy was a brand that kept popping up. What I keep being told is how great the quality is on these items. This Workout Wednesday I will be sharing some of the items that I have recently discovered on Lucy. I will also be posting my workout for today! Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful spring fitness pieces from Lucy:

Hatha Jacket by Lucy

Hatha Jacket

Uplifting Capri by LucyUplifting Capri Legging

Motivate Me Top by LucyMotivate Me Top

Ballet Grip Socks by LucyBallet Grip Socks

Now that we have gotten some fashion inspiration, let’s look at todays workout!

  • 5 min cardio warm up
  • weighted squats
  • weighted lunges
  • leg press
  • hamstring curls
  • calf raises
  • 20 minutes of cardio

What is your Workout Wednesday Routine?


Fit Style to Street Style with Athleta

Good Morning Guys! I posted earlier in the week Fit Style to Street Style. I had recently been asked by Athleta to try out some of their new pieces from the spring line and wear them to work out and switch them up to be able to wear them out the rest of the day as well. I chose pieces that were versatile and could be worn at other places other than in the gym. I can not say enough great things about the quality of the clothing that I received from Athleta and I love all the great new spring pieces. here is a look at what I was able to do with the Printed No Sweatin’ It Sharkbite Top.

Fit Style to Street StyleThis outfit was perfect for going out for Sunday Brunch. I paired the Printed No Sweatin’ It Sharkbite Top with a tank from PinkBlush Maternity, leggings from H&M, scarf from H&M and boots from Steve Madden.

Fit Style to Street Style

Heading out to run some errands I added me leather jacket from Danier to my Printed No Sweatin’ It Sharkbite Top. and I was ready to go!

Street Style to FIt Style

Once I arrived back home I decided to fit in a workout before dinner. I put my hair up added a head band from American Eagle and my woven converse and I was all set to hit the gym. The Printed No Sweatin’ It Sharkbite Top was a perfect piece to workout in. It is very comfortable and a great layering piece.

What are your favorite pieces that you can switch up through out the day?

*disclosure: This post was sponsored by Athleta. I was provided with a gift shop to buy these great pieces and facilitate the post. They have gained a brand new customer too!

Workout Wednesday: Aerie Yoga Fashion and a Workout

Happy Workout Wednesday! I hope everyone is doing well on this Wednesday. It is still crazy cold here in NYC due to the Polar Vortex. I did 2 gym workouts yesterday because I am unable to really get out and walk around the city the way I normally would. I can not wait for the temperatures to warm up so I get back out again. I will probably hit the gym twice again today. The free weight routine will be my afternoon workout and I will be doing an elliptical workout in the evening before dinner. This is what my free weight workout will look like today:

  • 15 reps x 3 sets
  • Weighted Sumo Squats
  • Leg Press
  • Lateral Raise
  • Up-right Row
  • Barbell Curls
  • Tricep Kickbacks

I am always on the look out for some great workout wear. Here are some cute pieces that I have found at Aerie recently and wanted to share with you guys.

Aerie Hooded SweatshirtAerie Hooded Sweatshirt

Aerie Dot Racerback Bra

Aerie Dot Racerback Back Bra

Aerie Neon Stud Skinny Pant - Available in Lengths!Aerie Neon Stud Skinny Pant

Aerie Deep V-Neck Oversized T-Shirt Aerie Deep V Neck Oversized T-Shirt

What workout will you be doing for Workout Wednesday?

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Workout Wednesday- Cardio Session and Fitness Fashion

Hey Guys!! I hope you are all staying warm this week. We had a ton of snow dumped on us in NYC yesterday. It is Wednesday, that means it is time for Workout Wednesday!! I know that a lot of areas are freezing right now, with that in mind I will be posting my indoor treadmill routine today. As always I will also be featuring some fashionable active wear to give you a little fashion fix! I have been keeping up with my workouts at 30 weeks 4 days of pregnancy and counting. I will be doing an incline treadmill routine but will be keeping track of my heart rate to make sure it does not get to high. Using the incline on your treadmill gives you an incredible legs and glutes workout. I will be trying to keep in below 140 at all times, this has become a challenge for me at times. Here is a look at the routine:

Incline Treadmill Routine:

  • 3 min 3.5 mph
  • 2 min 3.5 mph 7% incline
  • 2 min 4 mph 4% incline
  • 2 min 2.8 mph 10% incline
  • 2 min 3.2 mph 6% incline
  • 2 min 3 mph 8% incline
  • 1 min 3 mph 3% incline
  • 1 min 6 mph 5% incline
  • 1 min 3.5 mph 5% incline
  • 2 min 5.5 mph 5% incline
  • 2 min 4 mph 5% incline
  • 1 min 3.2 mph 5% incline
  • 3 min 3.2 mph 15% incline
  • 1 min 3.2 mph 1% incline
  • 3 min 3.2 mph 10% incline
  • 1 min 3.2 mph 2% incline
  • 3 min 3.2 mph 12% incline
  • 3 min 2 mph 1%incline

Printed No Sweatin' It Sharkbite Top Athleta

I ordered this sweatshirt style top for Athleta yesterday and I can not wait to wear it! Printed No Sweatin’ It Sharkbite Top

Up-Tempo Stripe Seamless Bra Athleta

If you are looking for a really good sports bra, give this one a try. I also love the purple stripes! Up-Tempo Stripe Seamless Bra

Breakthrough Seamless Capri-Athleta

I have also ordered these Capri leggings. I can not wait to rock them at the gym and even out around the city this spring! Breakthrough Seamless Capri

Bullet Shoes by Saucony®

I really want to order these bad boys! Unfortunately they are on back order in my size! I will be on the look out though. Bullet Shoes by Saucony

Fitness Pins of the Week

The holiday season is upon us. With that comes lots of goodies. Because of this I have been looking for more fitness pins to keep up with and get me motivated for a healthy holiday. Here are some of the best fitness pins that I found this week:







If you are not on pinterest you need to be on it! If you are then please click on this link an follow my boards!

Cyber Monday Deals Part 3!!!

Ok so there are a lot of great deals going on this Cyber Monday! I have been taking advantage for sure. How many purchases have you made??

Here are a few more to tempt your credit card out of your wallet:

Fila Workout Wear

I recently discovered Active Wear USA and they have amazing fitness wear brands at great prices. Today they are offering Get 15% off using code CM2013

Sports Bras

Bebe has 30% off the entire site using code CYBER30. Check it out, Bebe has many great gift ideas and holiday outfit options for your own holiday parties!


Juicy Couture has an incredible 40% off their entire site. If it has been awhile since you have checked out Juicy you must head on over to the site because they have a lot more to offer than just track suits!

Juicy Couture Deco Print Dress

I will check back in later to share some more deals!! What deals have you found for Cyber Monday??

Holiday Gift Guide For Fitness Lovers

Do you have any fitness lovers on your list? Here are some great ideas for the gym rats in your life!

Aziam Karma Capri

You have got to love these Aziam Karma Capri pants. Excellent for yoga or any other fitness activity that your loved one likes to do! Check out this huge Selection of Women’s Yoga Wear

Running For Two Racerback Tank Top

If you have any expectant moms on your list For Two Fitness has a great collection of Maternity Active Wear. I really love their “for two” series of tank tops!


A great little gym accessory is the PortaPocket. I use mine to hold my phone and ear phones. They come in different sizes for all types of phones. They also come in cute and fashionable designs.


Another great fitness piece is this Alo Active Wear Jacket. I love the mesh blocking and it comes in 4 different colors. A great item for the cooler weather! New Customers save 10% On their Order at – Shop now with code: AWD13051

What do you want that is fitness related for the holidays??