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Good Evening Readers! This weekend there has been lots of work done on the blog. I have switched over from wordpress hosting to being self hosted. If you have been following nycfitfoodfashion through wordpress, you can re follow by going to Simply click the follow button and enter your email and you will not miss any of the new and exciting things I have in store for you guys in the upcoming months.  Thank you so much for your support and I look forward to keeping you up to date with all things fitness, food and fashion.  Have a great night!

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Are You Interested in Guest Blogging?

Hey guys! As most of you know I am going to be giving birth in a couple of weeks. I had reached out a little while ago about guest blogging and I have lined up a few great guest bloggers but I am always looking for more. If you have never guest blogged before it can be a great tool for building your own blog especially if you are new to blogging. There are a few things that I look for when accepting blogging submissions:

  • original content (appearing only on
  • must be relevant to fitness, food or fashion
  • great images
  • already own or write for a blog
  • no back linking or hidden advertisements

I have posted this a few times and usually get a good response from people who are genuinely trying to build up there blogs. I also receive a lot of messages from companies trying to disguise as writer’s interested in blogging in order to get free advertising. The thing as most of your bloggers know, blogging is hard work and a time-consuming job. It is very disconcerting when I receive so many messages from very large companies trying to get ad space for free. I need to make a living to folks! For those of you looking for advertorial and sponsored posts I do them as well. Up at the top of the page there is a page link for sponsors/ads. I have worked with quite a few companies now so feel free to contact me through that page and I would love to talk about rates and opportunities.

For those of you that have done guest blogging for me in the past and have enjoyed your experience please reach out and I would be happy to work with you again. I also am open to doing a guest blogging exchange where I can write a post for you in exchange for a post for This way we both can gain traffic from each other and both of our readership will get to be introduced to a new blog that they may not have been aware of before. It is a win for the both of us! Start brainstorming and email me with some of your ideas. The other great thing about guest blogs is that I am able to get a different view or opinion out to my readers here or maybe even some topics that I had not even thought about yet. I would love to hear what kind of topics that you may come up with.

For this next period I am looking for posts to be submitted with a deadline by March 20th at the latest. That way I can post them and have a date for you in which they will go live before I am incommunicado for a few days with the baby! If you are interested in guest blogging please send me an email over at I look forward to hearing and hopefully working with you!

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March Madness

Hey guys! I had promised myself at New Year’s that I would start every month off with a note to you guys. Well when did March start? I feel like January was the slowest month I have ever experienced and February was over in the blink of an eye. Maybe it is because February is so short or that I am a few weeks away from the birth of my first little one. This is something I am extremely excited yet very nervous for! I think the best part will be finally finding out what we are having. Will this be a handsome little guy or a beautiful little gal? My odds are on a boy but as we all know intuition is not always correct!

If you have been following you may have noticed that I have been featuring a lot more guest features since New Years and this will continue. I think that it brings a little more to the page and not just one voice. I hope you agree! I will also be taking a break when the baby comes. Do not worry there will still be posts, I have a team of guest bloggers that will be posting work during the week of 2 that I will not be able to. I am hoping to have a great balance of fitness, food, recipes and fashion tips from some fantastic bloggers. I am still accepting submissions, if you are interested please send me an email at I love to support other bloggers out there.

Lately I have been posting a lot of fashion posts. I go with what ever inspires me, right now that seems to be fashion. I will be working on getting back to a regular balance of all the things you love in fitness, food and fashion. There has been so many great things going on in fashion lately. How about those SJP Shoes?? I can not stop thinking about them!

As per usual I really love hearing from you guys and I am looking for feedback. What would you like to see from NYC Fit Food Fashion this month? Is there anything that pops out at you that you have been looking for us to cover? Please feel free to reach out and let’s talk!

As for what I do have planned for this month. Here are some topics:

  • spring fashions
  • perfect sandals
  • should you detox?
  • Clean Eating Recipes
  • baby style
  • and many many more!

This month is going to be a crazy one for me. With this being my first child I would love to here from any of you that have some advice. Especially for how things are going to go after we get home! I am really blessed that Jon will be home for the first month with me but other than that I am on my own here. Any tips would be greatly appreciated by this first time Mamma. I will be heading to the Dr today to see if the little one has decided to turn down. Have a great day everyone!

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Pregnancy Nutrition (My Guest Post)

I have recently been lucky enough to have been named an ambassador to “For Two Fitness”. If you have not heard of them you should definitely check them out! They have the cutest maternity fitness wear I have ever seen. Today they posted my Guest Blog Post on Pregnancy Nutrition. Please head on over and check it out:

Fit Pregnancy

My Love/Hate Relationship with my Blog

I started my blogging journey back in May of this year. So the blog is only 6 months old, starting out I had huge aspirations for my little blog. I started off really keen on blogging everyday 3 times a day, a post on fitness, food and fashion. As time has gone on I have not always kept to that. I have realized that figuring out what I want to write about is more important than forcing myself to sit and produce a certain amount of posts per day.

The more I push myself to produce more content, the more I myself am not enjoying all the content that I am putting out there into the world. One thing has not changed I love sharing my fitness goals, struggles and triumphs with all of you. I also still love to experiment in the kitchen and post almost all of my cooking successes with you guys. I have been posting less restaurant reviews mainly because out of all of my posts I get the least amount of feedback on my restaurant reviews in NYC. Do let me know if you think that I should be writing more restaurant reviews and I will try my best to do that! Jon and I eat out for date night at least once a week. I write about fashion if the mood strikes me or if I am inspired by something I see or hear about.

I think the hate part is because I have had really big plans for my blog. I had hoped that it would take off really quickly and it did but as most things it has hit a plateau. I had to ask myself: “Do I love doing this enough that I will keep doing it even if I never get to 1000 daily views?”

This is something I really had to think about. The more I thought about giving up the more I became more inspired to keep going. Maybe it will never be a huge hit that I can stay home and run this as a business, which was my first goal. Even if I never see that day, the thing that keeps me writing is all the great things I hear from you guys! I want to take this moment to thank all of you that have been reading since I first posted back in May and all of the new people that have come a long the way. That is the LOVE part!

Through this blog I have meet some awesome people. I have become more involved in social networking which has actually become more of a passion than a hindrance, that was how I saw it in the beginning. Twitter was something I hated in the beginning and I now spend a large amount of time there and have found a large support group on Twitter with other bloggers. Another great thing is that it gives me an opportunity to be more creative. Before this blog I do not think I have sat down and written anything since I was in school. Anyone that writes also knows that writing makes you a better communicator, in print and in real life. Who wouldn’t want to work on their communication skills daily!

This site has changed my life in little ways since I started it 6 months ago and I know that it will continue to do so.  I hope if you are blogging you feel the same way or you are a reader and in some way at some point I have made a difference in your day! Please feel free to leave a comment because I LOVE reading them!

Thank you for Reading!


Guest Post: Twitter Chats for Bloggers

If you are a beginner or experienced blogger, you know that social media is pretty much a requirement for getting your posts seen and read. However, promoting your posts on Facebook and Twitter isn’t enough. You have to interact and post appealing content for your readers to engage with. One easy way to meet new blogger friends and spark up collaborations is through Twitter. I first “met” Joanne in a Twitter chat a few weeks ago, and I was happy to offer up a guest post.

Twitter chats are fast-paced ways to interact with other Twitter users while discussing a particular topic. Most Twitter chats have moderators who ask questions to get the discussion going. There are several types of chats in a variety of areas. Social media, technology, blogging, marketing, and finance are some popular topics. The easiest thing to do to get started with Twitter chats is to mark off time in your calendar. Take a look at this list of Twitter Chats For Bloggers that I created. There are many chats that are specific to bloggers, but there are some that are relevant and can provide topic ideas (For example, I participate in a personal finance chat once a week to learn more about budgeting).

Find a few chats that work with your schedule and set a Google Calendar alert. I never miss a chat and am rarely late since my calendar app reminds me to attend!

I have tried a few tools for monitoring Twitter chats, but the easiest one that I recommend is Twubs. Visit and search for the hashtag for the party you want to attend. At first, you might be overwhelmed by this website. However, I promise that in time you will be an expert! You can set the chat speed to slow, medium, or fast so you don’t get lost. You can view all the chat contributors on the sidebar so you can see who has participated in this Twitter chat before.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when attending Twitter chats. Everyone is helpful and can guide you to a proper resource to participate. What are your favorite Twitter chats? Have you used them for marketing yet?

Twitter Chats


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