73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker

Good Morning NYC Fit Food Fashion Readers! This video is one of my favorite things that came out this week. As you know I am a huge SJP fan and after meeting her a couple of weeks ago, I am a bigger fan than ever. The greatest things about this video is you can see how real and human this fashion goddess actually is. Also surprising how much random things you can learn about Sarah Jessica Parker in 5 minutes. A great plus in this video is that you get a glimpse into her New York City Brownstone. I don’t know about you I was shocked by how homey it seemed. I think I was expecting something more extravagant from the home of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. It seemed warm and welcoming just like the lady herself. Check out the video and try not to love her as much as I do!

73 Questions With Sarah Jessica Parker

Tuesday Shoesday: SJP Shoes

SJP Collection

Happy Tuesday Shoesday everyone! This week was an obvious choice for me the SJP Collection launched on Friday February 28th on the Nordstrom website and in stores. I had been anticipating this collection for months almost as much as I had the Nordstrom pop up shop that was opened up for 3 days to go along with it. Read all about my trip to the SJP Collection Pop Up Shop here. I was able to try on a lot of the shoes and bought 2 pairs. I have to tell you they did not all fit perfectly but what shoe fits perfect on everyone! There are a few pairs I am still dreaming about but I had to limit myself to 2 pairs for the time being! The price range is $195-$500, not as expensive as a pair of Manolos but more expensive than your average pair of heels but these are not your average shoes. These beauties were crafted in Italy and have some beautiful details. Let’s take a look at some of the shoes in the SJP Collection from the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker:

Etta From the SJP CollectionEtta comes in this gorgeous blush pink and a pewter color. Out of all of the shoes this one screamed Sex and the City to me the most!

Diana from the SJP CollectionDiana was named after Princess Diana and this shoe is a new take on the classic Mary Jane. I tried this one on and I loved it. It is on my list of shoes that I can not stop thinking about. Come on this shoe could go with almost anything!

Carrie from the SJP CollectionThis is Carrie, I do not think I have to mention who this shoe is named after. I went to the shop planning on buying this beauty but alas it was not meant to be. The fit was a little narrow, especially for my pregnant footsies. This gorgeous pair comes in purple, cream and black. Get these babies quick because they are almost a sell out!

Silivia from SJP Collection

Silvia I did not have a chance to try on but looking at them now I wish I had. I love the little bow detailing. This shoe comes in Navy and Coral.

Lady Pump by SJP CollectionThis is Lady, another shoe that I tried on and another one that I LOVE. The color is so striking in person and it is such a classic style.

Fawn by SJP CollectionFawn is sure to be a shoe staple. This is a basic pump but so well made and fits like a dream. Fawn comes in 4 different colors and be careful because once you try them on you will want all of them!

SJP Beekman Grosgrain ClutchAnother one of my regrets is not grabbing one of the SJP Beekman Grosgrain Clutches. This bag came in 5 colors and I was reassured by the great people at the pop up shop that this bag will be a basic in the collection. That means that I will still be able to get my hands on it!

I did not include the 2 pairs that I did buy in this post. If you are curious to see what I purchased, check out my post My Visit to the SJP Pop Up Shop NYC.

My Visit to the SJP Collection Pop Up Shop NYC

Good Morning Fashion Lovers! This past Friday February 28th, I had the opportunity to scratch an item off of my NYC bucket list. What NYC gal does not want to meet the Queen of Shoes Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker. I have been eagerly counting down the days and praying that I was not disappointed. I am sure we have all experienced that awful feeling when we have someone built up so high there is no way for them to live up to it. Well I am glad to say this was not the case and the shoes were fantastic as well.

SJP Collection

The polar vortex had returned but I was determined that even in my 36th week of pregnancy I was meeting SJP and getting a new pair of shoes at the same time. The -22 temperatures were not going to stop me from waiting in line, no matter how long I had to wait. I arrived and the line was long but not to long to scare me off. The best part of waiting in line was that the great people of Nordstrom were giving out yummy hot chocolate and coffee. I had 2 cups of hot chocolate in the first 15 minutes I was in line. After that I decided to wait because I knew my pregnant bladder would not handle much more and I was not losing my position in line to go find a washroom. While waiting in line I met some SJP fans and caught a glimpse of her through the windows, which made the wait a little more bearable.

SJP Collection

After a little over an hour of waiting I finally entered the pop up shop. The shop was gorgeous, very simple decor to show off the fabulous shoes and bags. There were so many happy shoppers there trying on the gorgeous pairs of heels. I was definitely in my element, then I spotted her surrounded by adoring fans.

SJP CollectionSJP CollectionIMG_3496IMG_3497

I took a few photos and then as soon as I unzipped my coat and my huge baby bump was exposed Sarah Jessica noticed me! She immediately sprang to my side, took my coat, handbag, found me a seat and offered me a hot drink since I had been outside so long in my condition. I was shocked my her genuine concern, this lady is a real class act. I reassured her that I was fine but what I really needed was some brand new shoes. She asked me what I had in mind and we went from there. Sarah Jessica made a few suggestions called over one of the sales girls and told them all the shoes that she thought would suit me. I could not have imagined her being so sweet and friendly. She made sure I was all set up and then went to go greet some other people before she left she assured me that she would return to see how I was making out. I was able to search out some photos of this meeting since I could not take pictures of myself! I thank god for Instagram and the fans out there that were snapping shots and posting them that day. Seriously how great is that?

SJP Collection

SJP Collection

SJP Collection

What can I say about the shoes? I loved all of them and I think I tried on about 90% of the styles. Being in my 9th month of pregnancy my feet are a little wider than normal. With that in mind I did find a few of the styles a little narrow for my wide pregnant lady foot! I was torn between a few style Carrie, Ina, Bobbie and Diana. Carrie is a classic strappy heel and I loved the purple color but since it was cutting into my wide foot I decided against it but may change my mind in the future. Bobbie was a gorgeous shoe and I really considered getting her but it was not quite it. Bobbie is a great summer heel and came in mint and coral. Once again I am sure I will change my mind and try to find this shoe later on after the baby is born. Diana is such a classic patent leather mary jane styled show. It was soooo flattering it cut just in the right spot so that it did not make your legs look shorter like a lot of mary jane style do. I decided to go with the beautiful jade colored Ina. This shoe is incredibly comfortable and a real shoe stopper in person.

SJP Collection CarrieSJP Collection

I was also on the hunt for a more casual sandal that I could rock while walking with my stroller this summer. I tried a couple but fell in love with the simple Wallace style and it came in my favorite leopard print. I was sold!

Wallace SJP Collection

Once I had made my decisions it was time to make the purchase. SJP was at the cash signing all of the shoe boxes, bottoms of shoes and taking pictures with customers after they had made their shoe purchases. Once I caught up with her she went over my choices and gave me her expert approval. She had originally suggested the Jade for my eyes and I ended up loving it. We chatted about my due date, what I was having (it’s a surprise), and what hospital I was using (Mount Sinai) little fact she told me was that she had her back surgery there. I guess it is true all those high heels can be killer on your back. We took a snap shot and she ordered me to go home and put my feet up for the rest of the day. Which is what I did! I would like to thank Sarah Jessica Parker and Nordstrom for this amazing experience. Here is a few more pictures from the day:

SJP Collection SJP CollectionSJP CollectionSJP CollectionSJP CollectionSJP Collection InaSJP Collection

Not the most flattering shot of me but it is one I will cherish! Have you checked out the SJP Collection from Nordstrom yet?

Inspiring Fashionista of the Week-Sarah Jessica Parker

One of my all time favorite women is Sarah Jessica Parker. I may not agree with some of her wardrobe choices, Sarah Jessica always wears everything with confidence. I love that about her! Living in NYC how could I not pay homage to the quintessential New York City Gal.

fit food fashion

fit food fashion

fit food fashion

fit food fashion

fit food fashionfit food fashion

Fashion is a part of my work. I feel a responsibility to be presentable, to dress up if the occasion calls for it. But, really, fashion does not play that big a role in my life these days.- Sarah Jessica Parker