Pinterest Fitness Tips and Motivation of the Week

Hello NYC Fit Food Fashion Readers! I hope everyone is doing well today. We all need fitness tips and motivation sometimes. I know I do and most of my friends and family are always asking how do I stay motivated or where do I start when it comes to fitness? Every week I post my favorite workouts, fitness tips and motivational quotes that I have found on Pinterest. No matter what your personal health and fitness goals are we all need a little help now and then. Sometimes our workouts grow stale as well and we are looking for new workouts to try out. Pinterest is one of the best places that I have found to have so many workouts available in one place. Let’s take a look at my favorite pins of fitness tips, motivation and workouts I have found on Pinterest this week:

Fitness TipsWho does not love to find a great arm workout. Try this one out!

FItness Tips

Here is a great thigh and butt workout courtesy of Blogilates.

Fitness Tips

The above are some great rules to live a healthy life. One to print out and put on the refrigerator!

Fitness TipsIf you do not have time to hit the gym or just like working out at home this is a fabulous cross fit workout that you can do anywhere. How about doing this one in front of the tv or during commercial breaks!

Fitness TipsThis is a great quote! We need to stop comparing our selves to others and start just trying to be the best you that you can be!

That wraps up my favorite Pinterest Fitness Tips for the week. I will be keeping an eye out all week for next week’s Fitness edition. How will you stay motivated to be fit this week?

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Workout Wednesday-Back, Biceps, and Glutes with Active Wear by Athleta

Good Morning Workout Lovers! It is Wednesday again and it is time for Workout Wednesday. I am in week 37 of pregnancy so my workout will still be a little tame. I will interested to see how these work outs will change once I have the baby and can get back into actual training. I can’t wait! Today I will be doing a short back, biceps and glutes workout. I will also be finishing it off with an incline walk on the treadmill. Here is a look at what I have planned for my workout today:

  • 3 sets of 15 reps
  • single arm dumbbell rows
  • deadlifts
  • standing bicep curls
  • hammer curls
  • plie squats
  • leg press
  • 30 min incline treadmill walk

With spring weather coming soon I have been obsessing over the awesome colors that Athleta has to offer in active wear this spring. If you have not had a chance to take a look you should head over to Athleta and check out what they have to offer. As a new Athleta shopper I just as pleased with the quality of the active wear as I am with the fashionable looks that they put out this season. I was even able to find some great pieces that I have been enjoying during my pregnancy. I do have a gift card that I am looking forward to using after this baby makes it appearance in a couple of weeks! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Athleta looks that are available right now:

Fast Track Half Zip AthletaThis is the Fast Track Half Zip, this awesome piece comes in 5 colors. It is a great layering base that is completely breathable. An option for all the unpredictable weather we have been having!

Bay Beach Capri From AthletaThe Bay Beach Capri comes in 3 colors, my favorite is this heather grey. This is a great item for the gym, walking on the beach or just lounging around. I love wearing ankle length capris in the spring weather.

Pacifica UPF Tank From AthletaThe Pacifica UPF Tank is available in 7 vibrant colors. This is a great under layer for runners or any other activity you want to do in this tank. I am tempted to add a couple of these tanks to my active wear collection.

Samsula High Top Shoes by Off The Beaten Track®I have been seeing high tops all over the place this year. These are the Samsula High Top Shoes by Off the Beaten Track. The high tops feature a hidden wedge in the base of the shoe to give a little lift to those of us that may need one. Another great feature is that they are leather with an edgy snake-skin like texture to them. definitely not your regular pair of high tops!

I hope I have given you some motivation to go workout today and also to go and check out Athleta and up your active wear wardrobe! I know I am so excited to buy some of these pieces, maybe I will get this whole outfit! What type of workout will you be doing today on Workout Wednesday? What is your favorite active wear brand?

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Fitness Friday: My Fitness Pal


TGIF everyone! I was in an interesting fitness tips twitter chat the other night and there was one thing that kept coming up, My Fitness Pal. I have been using this app for years and find it to be one of the main things that keeps me on track all week. I have used Many fitness and food apps and this one is my favorite. If I can give you one health and fitness tip today it is to sign up for My Fitness Pal and give it a try.

Why My Fitness Pal?

Like I said before I have been using it religiously for years. Here are some of the great benefits to using My Fitness Pal app:

  • food diary
  • almost 4 million food items that you can search in their database
  • custom foods can be added from your own recipes etc
  • forums and support
  • exercise tracker
  • it is FREE!!

For me my favorite part of My Fitness Pal is the food diary. It did not take long for this to become a habit for me daily. I check in to the app a few times a day and enter the food I have eaten. It really helps me to be aware of portions as well. Years ago I would never look at a serving size on a package and actually follow it. Now I do because I know I am going to want to add it to my food diary. My Fitness Pal is all about accountability. We all have to take more responsibility for our health and this is a great way to keep you on it. The other great thing is that you are able to see the nutrition values of your day as well. This is awesome for those of us that are not sure if we are getting a good balance of certain vitamins or if we need to add a little something extra to our diets.

Another tracker on My Fitness Pal is tracking your exercise. I love to do this because the more I track it the more I know how much more I can eat that day! The more activity I enter the more calories it adds to my daily goal. There are so many exercises and cardio listed in My Fitness Pal that you should not have a problem entering in everything that you have done that day.

My Fitness Pal also has a forum and you can add your friends for motivation. I will be honest I have not used this function. I get a lot of my motivation from my self or I find social media a really great place to find some fitness inspiration. When I was in this twitter chat the other night a lot of the chatters were part of the forum and had significant friends lists to help each other in their weight loss/weight maintenance journey. Even if you are not looking to lose weight My Fitness Pal has been great just to keep me on track and when I do find my pants are getting tight I can look at my food diary or exercise tracker and figure out what I need to either cut back on or if I need to add more activity.

I hope that you will check out My Fitness Pal or just look into food journaling and exercise tracking because I think it is one of the greatest tools in weight loss and management. What do you do to keep yourself on track?

Workout Wednesday- Cardio and Shoulders plus Active Wear from Athleta

Good Afternoon Workout Lovers! It is workout Wednesday and I have already hit the gym today. For some motivation, if I can get out there at 36 weeks pregnant than so can you! Today I will be sharing the shoulder workout I did and some athletic wear from the awesome people over at Athleta. I am so obsessed with Athleta Active Wear right now and if you have not checked them out yet, you totally should. In my opinion they are way better than lululemon any day of the week. Let’s start with today’s workout:

  • 5 min cardio warm up
  • sets of 3×15
  • push ups (this was not an easy one for me!)
  • up right rows
  • military press
  • lateral raise
  • 30 minutes of cardio

Active wear from Athleta

Colorblock Chi Tank by Athleta

Colorblock Chi Tank

Bay Beach CapriBay Beach Capri

Ariel Tiki Bikini by AthletaAriel Tiki Bikini

Ariel Tiki Reversible Bottom by AthletaAriel Tiki Reversible Bottom

Kiki Swim Dress by AthletaKiki Swim Dress

Betty High Top Shoe by Sperry® Top-SidersBetty High Top Shoe by Sperry

What did you do for Workout Wednesday?

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Fitness Pins of the Week

Hello Readers! I hope everyone is having an amazing week. It is that time again, time for my favorite fitness pins to inspire and motivate you in your fitness goals. I have not needed that much help with that lately. I think the fact that the days I do not go to the gym give me horrible back aches is motivation enough for me. Thank you third trimester of pregnancy for keeping me in the gym! For the rest of you that need a little boost, I have been searching Pinterest for some new workouts and inspiration for you guys. Let’s take a look at the awesome fitness pins that I found this week:


Simple breakfastsFitnessFitness Fitness

Lucy Endurance Running Capris

If you are not on pinterest you need to be on it! If you are then please click on this link and follow my boards!

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Workout Wednesday and Active Wear from Lucy

Good Afternoon Readers! I hope you guys are having a great week so far. It is a dreary and rainy day here in NYC today. I can not wait for spring to arrive. With Spring in mind I love all of the great Spring colors out there especially in active wear. Even though the weather is dark we can brighten it up with some gorgeous colors that are available in our fitness fashions. This Workout Wednesday I will be featuring workout wear from Lucy.  I have not tried Lucy yet but after researching active wear brands through asking my followers on twitter, Lucy was a brand that kept popping up. What I keep being told is how great the quality is on these items. This Workout Wednesday I will be sharing some of the items that I have recently discovered on Lucy. I will also be posting my workout for today! Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful spring fitness pieces from Lucy:

Hatha Jacket by Lucy

Hatha Jacket

Uplifting Capri by LucyUplifting Capri Legging

Motivate Me Top by LucyMotivate Me Top

Ballet Grip Socks by LucyBallet Grip Socks

Now that we have gotten some fashion inspiration, let’s look at todays workout!

  • 5 min cardio warm up
  • weighted squats
  • weighted lunges
  • leg press
  • hamstring curls
  • calf raises
  • 20 minutes of cardio

What is your Workout Wednesday Routine?


Motivation Monday-Fitness Quote

Good Afternoon Readers! I hope everyone is having a great Monday. After this past weekend I know I need motivation to get back on track. With Valentine’s Day being on this past Friday I am sure a lot of us consumed some treats this past weekend and need to get back on track today. I was back in the gym yesterday and today but some of you may need a little encouragement to get out there and do it! Here is a motivating quote just for those people:

Fitness Quotes

Did you do your workout today?

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Workout Wednesday: Treadmill Routine and Active Wear from Active Wear USA

It is Workout Wednesday!! I hope you have been able to fit in your workout today if not you still have time. I have been super busy covering and watching New York Fashion Week online. I did still manage to get to the gym in between catching the shows on the live webcast. I am now 33 weeks + 4 days pregnant and I am still managing to get into the gym about 5-6 times a week. If I can do that then no excuses people! Today was a cardio day for me and I love my cardio. I chose to do my favorite incline treadmill routine and I am so happy to report that I am still able to do this and I am able to last a full hour, sometimes longer depending on what is on the TV!

We also have a storm headed for us, which means I did get out for my walk today and make sure that my fridge is stocked in case I am stuck inside for the next couple of days. Being Workout Wednesday also means we will be looking at active wear and today I will be featuring Active Wear USA. Here is a look at my incline treadmill routine from today:

  • 3 min 3.5 mph
  • 2 min 3.5 mph 7% incline
  • 2 min 4 mph 4% incline
  • 2 min 2.8 mph 10% incline
  • 2 min 3.2 mph 6% incline
  • 2 min 3 mph 8% incline
  • 1 min 3 mph 3% incline
  • 1 min 6 mph 5% incline
  • 1 min 3.5 mph 5% incline
  • 2 min 5.5 mph 5% incline
  • 2 min 4 mph 5% incline
  • 1 min 3.2 mph 5% incline
  • 3 min 3.2 mph 15% incline
  • 1 min 3.2 mph 1% incline
  • 3 min 3.2 mph 10% incline
  • 1 min 3.2 mph 2% incline
  • 3 min 3.2 mph 12% incline
  • 3 min 2mph 1%incline

Today I did this routine twice which was 70 minutes. If you want just do it the one time for the regular 35 minutes. I wanted to get in a good workout since I did not know if I was going to get out again today or not! This winter weather has been really messing with my outdoor time. Here is a look at some fabulous fitness fashion from Active Wear USA.**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

lole love BeanieLole Love Beanie

Lole Twist Tank TopLole Twist Tank Top

Lole Run CapriLole Run Capri

Lole Muse JacketLole Muse Jacket

What did you do for your workout today?

Workout Wednesday and Active Wear from Athleta

Good Morning People! I hope you are all well. We are having yet another storm here in NYC. That means I will probably hit the gym twice today since I will not be able to get out of the building again. It is workout Wednesday!! I will be sharing with you my workout for today and some amazing new styles from Athleta. Since the weather has been so bad lately I have been heading into my building gym twice a day. I usually do a weight and cardio mix in the afternoon and then do an incline walk on the treadmill in the evening. It helps to break up my day, when I would normally head outside to take a walk around the city. Here is a look at today’s workout:

  • 5 min warm up walk
  • 12×3 lunges
  • 12×3 chest press
  • 12×3 squats
  • 12×3 military press
  • 12×3 calf raise
  • 12×3 bicep curl
  • 20 min incline walk

For all you fashion lovers here is a look at some of the great new arrivals over at Athleta!!

Hope Jacket AthletaThe Hope Jacket comes in 5 great colors for spring

Chi Tank Athleta

 Chi Tank is ultra light weight and makes an awesome layering piece

Arrow Be Free Knicker AthletaThe Arrow Be Free Knicker comes in 2 colors and is perfect for your outdoor runs with its supreme wicking fabric

Gel-Fujiracer 3 by Asics®How cute are these Gel-Fujiracer 3 by Asics? This is the lightest weight shoe in the Asics trail running line

I am always looking for feedback what active wear would you like to see featured in the future?  What will you be doing for your workout today?

Have a great day!!

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Workout Wednesday: Aerie Yoga Fashion and a Workout

Happy Workout Wednesday! I hope everyone is doing well on this Wednesday. It is still crazy cold here in NYC due to the Polar Vortex. I did 2 gym workouts yesterday because I am unable to really get out and walk around the city the way I normally would. I can not wait for the temperatures to warm up so I get back out again. I will probably hit the gym twice again today. The free weight routine will be my afternoon workout and I will be doing an elliptical workout in the evening before dinner. This is what my free weight workout will look like today:

  • 15 reps x 3 sets
  • Weighted Sumo Squats
  • Leg Press
  • Lateral Raise
  • Up-right Row
  • Barbell Curls
  • Tricep Kickbacks

I am always on the look out for some great workout wear. Here are some cute pieces that I have found at Aerie recently and wanted to share with you guys.

Aerie Hooded SweatshirtAerie Hooded Sweatshirt

Aerie Dot Racerback Bra

Aerie Dot Racerback Back Bra

Aerie Neon Stud Skinny Pant - Available in Lengths!Aerie Neon Stud Skinny Pant

Aerie Deep V-Neck Oversized T-Shirt Aerie Deep V Neck Oversized T-Shirt

What workout will you be doing for Workout Wednesday?

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