Virgil’s Real Barbecue Times Square

ImageBeing from Canada there is one thing that I really have never had and that is really good southern BBQ. We just do not have BBQ restaurants where I am from, so I had to hit up a BBQ joint now that I am living in NYC. Jon recommended we go to Virgil’s BBQ in Times Square, he had it at his office may times for lunch. We made sure to have reservations because we knew it would be busy especially on a Friday night in Times Square.

The menu is pretty big, especially for a BBQ newbie like myself. I debated on getting an appetizer but decided against it having seen some of the BBQ plates being served at other tables. They were huge!!! Instead of napkins they had towels at every place setting. I knew this must be an indication of things to come.

ImageAs per usual I had a very hard time picking out what to order. Since I wasn’t a BBQ expert I figured one of their combination platters would be best. That way I could try more than one thing on the menu. We both went with a “Pick Two ” BBQ Combo Plate. I ordered the Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Mac and Cheese and Mashed Potatoes. The whole plate was amazingly delicious. Definitely not a diet meal but worth the extra time I would have to spend at the gym to work this off. Jon had the Memphis Style Pork Spareribs and the Pulled Pork. Sorry no picture of that one but he needed that towel for the ribs!

ImageAs we were finishing up our meal, a guy was seated at the table next to us. He asked Jon how the ribs were and we told him amazing. Then he told us of the appetizer chicken wings and how he comes to Virgil’s just for the wings! He even offered to let us try his wings that he ordered. He was so convincing we ordered our own plate of wings on top on what we had already eaten. The chicken wings were just as good as he said. Unfortunately we were so stuffed we could only manage to eat one each. They made for a great lunch the following day though!

I really loved my dinner at Virgil’s Real Barbecue! We will return for sure, just not to often I do not think my waistline would appreciate it!! Do you have a favorite BBQ joint?

Virgil’s Real Barbecue

152 West 44th Street
(Between Broadway and 6th Avenue)
New York, NY 10036 Phone: 212.921.9494

15 thoughts on “Virgil’s Real Barbecue Times Square

  1. I would definitely recommend Fette Sau BBQ in Brooklyn! My boyfriend and I have been a couple times and it is great! Its quite different from Virgils though (the boyfriend loves his bbq) you wait in a line that is mostly outdoors and then the seating is first come, first serve. Although I’m not much of a fan of that, the atmosphere is great on a summer night! We enjoyed our meals at both Virgils and Fette Sau!

  2. I’m a southern boy myself, having spent most of my time in Texas and North Carolina. I’ve tried BBQ out of the south a few times and was never really been that impressed. But I must say, looking at those pictures, it does look mighty tasty! Enjoy the run it will take to work all that off. 🙂

  3. Being from Texas, my favorite BBQ joint is my smoker on our back covered patio and my own kitchen. Sounds like you had some authentic southern BBQ in the big city. It does make my mouth water just looking at it. I’ve got 3 racks of baby backs in the freezer. I’m thinking it’s time to thaw them out and get them on the smoker. I really enjoyed your post, and am looking forward to visiting NYC in the very near future. If you’re interested in the process, check out this post:

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  5. Great blog and amazing pictorial documentation of all the mouth watering deliciousness you are describing. Think we’ll check it out tomorrow before a Forever Tango show we’re planning to see in the area…though Malbec and Steaks might be more in order before Tango, think bbq ribs or pulled pork with a mint julep might do the trick just as well 🙂 can I ask what camera you’re using for the pics…great quality! thanks for sharing your experiences…just glanced at your blog…love it! I shall soon stop making excuses and upload all the pics and stories I’ve meant to share on my own.

    • Hey Sorry it took me long to respond! I hope you guys enjoyed Forever Tango and went to Virgil’s! The camera I use is a Cannon S100 I love it! It is small but take great quality pictures!

      • Thanks much. Cannon S100 is among the best low light cameras…so you’ve got a gem. I need to get something from that category. We did make it out to Virgil’s thanks to your blog and post, so thank you for that amazingly filling dinner. Delicious pulled pork and frozen mojitos made my night. Fries were amazing too…and we all loved our corn bread side.
        Another friend of mine was just telling me about another great bbq spot somewhere more south around 20th st and 5th Ave…will have to get that name to share with you. Thank you for your blog meanwhile 🙂

      • Now I have to try the other recommendation and given that it comes from a Texan, I do believe it might be a good contender for some amazing bbq: on 30 West 26th Street. But he has not tried Virgil’s yet…so we’ll just have to go and find out for ourselves which is our winner. Virgil’s already has won me over with a couple of items on their menu, but will give the Hill Country NY all the respect and benefit of the doubt it deserves 🙂

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